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This article first appeared in June 2020 and was updated November 2023

Having had a passion for photography for many years, Anne Lord knew that was what she wanted to do with her life. Her passion for her art, her love of meeting people (and pets), and over 20+ years of experience in the field of photography—whether weddings, engagements, family, or corporate—are what make her a great photographer in the Leesburg, Virginia area.


An couple celebrate their engagement on a lake with a setting sun. Photograph by Anne Lord PhotographyIf you are seeking an engagement photographer, Anne Lord has the excitement and vision to bring you amazing images that showcase your personalities and love for one another. Couples are also encouraged to bring their pets to the photo session. Often times Anne likes to use an engagement session to find the best poses and most flattering angles that can be repeated for the wedding itself.


Anne offers limited wedding photography on a case-by-case basis. She has photographed hundreds of weddings in the Leesburg, Virginia/Metro DC area, Loudoun County, and the surrounding communities. She enjoys the creative opportunities that shooting a wedding allows, using her talent and knowledge to cover all aspects of a wedding and the special requests of the happy couple.

Family, Children, Seniors, and Pets

If you are looking for a fun and informal family portrait, Anne is able to bring your ideas to life. Whether in her studio or in a beautiful landscape in Leesburg, Virginia, Anne loves capturing families—immediate and extended— enjoying their time together. She is great with children with sessions that focus solely on your little ones’ individual personality and exuberance for life. Many families also like to use this opportunity to create a fun creative senior portrait for those graduating. As an avid pet lover, Anne lord doesn’t forget the four-legged members of the family! She enjoys photographing pets and capturing their unique personalities and quirks as well.

Corporate Headshot and Seniors

There are many forms of photography, including corporate photography. This type of photography is not only an art, but a science. Anne Lord uses her love of meeting and interacting with people to help put subjects at ease and produce complimentary and appropriate images of CEO’s, partners, board members, and everyone involved with the team. Applying her photography and people skills Anne is able to take headshots that reflect the message that the individual or team want people to connect with. Photographs are taken on location in the Virginia, Maryland, DC metro area.

Choose Anne Lord for your photography needs today

If you would like high quality photographs and a great experience for your photography needs, let us start a discussion of what you have in mind. Call Anne at (703) 435-5292 or email to discuss your needs, or to schedule a photo shoot.


Fun Props for Your Engagement Photography Session

If you are having your engagement photos taken, having a prop or two handy can add to the creativity and personality of your images. It can also be a tool to help get you comfortable in front of the camera. Your engagement shoot can be much like a practice run for the big day, but it is also about capturing part of your love story. It is a time to use your engagement photo session to get your jitters out, get comfortable with your photographer, and most of all, have fun! 

1. Bring your pet

As an experienced Leesburg, VA wedding photographer, Anne Lord offers the ideal location for your special photo session. She also provides advice on what to wear, what to bring and how to prepare. Some of the best engagement shots are of the couple and their furry friend(s). As an avid pet lover, Anne enjoys breaking the ice and helping you and your significant other relax in front of the camera by capturing the dynamic between your personalities and your pet. It as an extra level of warmth and brings out the natural in all of you. After all a pet does not usually put on airs. They are themselves in most situations.

2. Bring an “Engaged” banner or personalized sign

Banners and personalized signs are not only popular right now, but also versatile. You can hang one up as an engagement photo backdrop or hold it up yourselves from either end. If you are including a four-legged friend in your engagement shoot, you can have your pet wear the banner or a sign celebrating your engagement. 

3. Engagement champagne flutes

Toast to the future with festive engagement-themed champagne flutes. It is not only a fun way to show off your ring, but you can also use personalized champagne flutes to show off your personalities with funny quotes and sayings. 

4. Engagement or Save-the-Date signs

If you are taking engagement photos for your save-the-dates, make sure to not forget the wedding date! If these photos are not for save-the-dates, you can still commemorate your engagement date or your wedding date. Either way, you can use a customizable number for a great photo prop. 

5. Bride and Groom mugs

Having an outdoor engagement session? Why don’t you and your significant other bring along personalized engagement mugs and a blanket for a romantic photo session. Leesburg, Virginia photographer, Anne Lord, knows the local communities and the best locations for taking breathtaking outdoor photos to showcase your romance. Anne has a perfect spot that she likes to use near the Potomac River that provides a beautiful backdrop for you and your loved one to cuddle up on a blanket and toast to your future! 

Choose Anne Lord for your Engagement photography! 

If you are searching for an experienced engagement photographer in and around the Leesburg, Virginia area, please send Anne an email at or to start a conversation on what you have in mind call (703) 435-5292.

The Differences Between A Non-Professional Photographer and A Professional Wedding Photographer Are Important When Planning Your Wedding

It sometimes seems like there is at least one family member in every family that owns a digital single-lens reflex camera. This camera separates the user from the point and shoot digital camera you can buy at any shopping center.  Thus, the term “photographer” gets thrown around rather loosely. This by no means is meant to discredit anyone who does photography as a hobby – and does it well– or is pursuing dreams of having their own photography business one day. Rather, it ultimately boils down to who you are going to trust to capture the best images on your big day.  Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer, Anne Lord, has years of experience capturing beautiful engagement and wedding photographs. With this experience she shares a few points to help differentiate the everyday photographer from a wedding photographer.

1.  Varying Skill Set

With many types of photography, from portraits to product photographers, typically most photographers specialize in one area. However, a wedding photographer needs to be able to understand a variety of forms of photography and perform them all in one day. For example, a wedding photographer must understand how to shoot the bride in any type of light or room while she is getting her hair and makeup ready while also photographing the finer details of the wedding day like the dress, the flowers, shoes, jewelry. One minute it’s a portrait of people and the next a shot of still life.

A wedding photographer must also be savvy about timelines to keep up with the schedule (or lack of) and roll with the higher stress levels of the day. At the same time, a good wedding photographer goes along with the flow of the wedding to capture those special moments and play along with the fun of the day.

2.  Client Focused

You are unique, and every wedding client is different. Each wedding client requires a special type of relationship. You are not just hiring a wedding photographer for a portrait shoot, you want someone to document one of the most amazing days of your life, and there are no do-overs. You are not looking for just a few images, or to capture that “money shot”. Most brides are going to have a vision for their big day, a wedding story to be told, and as a Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer, Anne Lord can take your vision and give you realistic expectations for what you want!

3.  Industry Knowledge

Anyone can pick up a camera and figure out how to point and shoot, but wedding photographers know how to collaborate and communicate with other industry professionals. With 19 years as an experienced Leesburg, Virginia photographer and wedding photographer, Anne Lord has been involved in many weddings and knows the surrounding area’s wedding industry. With this knowledge, she can point you in the right directions to other wedding vendors who fit your style (DJ’s, cake decorators, florists, etc.).

When it comes to entrusting someone to photograph your wedding, make sure you are choosing someone who also knows weddings. It is a lot more than portraits, details, or photojournalism. It means being able to handle all different facets of photography and creating a cohesive story using images to communicate who the bride and groom are and what makes this day so special to them.

Capture once-in-a-lifetime-moments with Anne Lord

Your wedding day is going to fly by quickly. With years of experience as a wedding photographer, Anne Lord goes above and beyond to prepare for the big day and to capture the unique story of every wedding. Browse her wedding portfolio to get a better idea of her work. Are you ready to discuss your big day? Contact Anne at 703-435-5292 or and let’s talk about it.

summer weddings with your Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer

Time To Celebrate! 7 Tips For One-Of-A-Kind Summer Wedding Photos

It is a new season in your life, you are engaged, and planning your big day with your best friend. As the bride all eyes are on your on your wedding day. After the celebration of love amidst your closest friends and family, all that remains are the special memories, emotions, and moments captured in photos and videos that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Choosing the right Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer to help you capture these memories is of the utmost importance. Here are 7 tips to capturing each beautiful photo opportunity at your summer wedding.

1) Start bright and early

For an outdoor reception, build in some time for your photographer to take pictures of the tables earlier on in the day when everything is still perfectly fresh.

2) Have your “first look” outdoors

Take advantage of summer’s natural beauty and have your “first look” outside before a lush backdrop.

3) Step into the shade

If you are planning on doing your portrait shots outdoors, escape the summer’s harsh afternoon light by stepping into the shade to achieve a softer look. Your photographer will be able to guide you to capture the poses with most flattering lighting.

4) Work around the weather

Keep the changing weather of summer in mind when planning your pictures. Have a backup plan in case of a little shower or a summer storm.

5) Get the big picture

Leave time for your photographer to capture the beautiful outdoor space you have created for your big day. As well as any detailed close-up photographs of the seasonal flowers that bloom in summertime.

6) Steal away at sunset

Make a note of when the sun will set on your wedding day. Plan with your photographer to allow time for you and your now husband to escape the celebration and capture photographs in the golden end-of-day light.

7) Make a memorable exit

Show off your newlywed joy by running through sparklers to cap off the night and have a memorable image to remember the fun and excitement as you leave to start your new journey as husband and wife.

Anne Lord: Your Wedding Photographer

As an experienced Leesburg Virginia wedding photographer, Anne Lord loves to capture the passion, joy, and hope that every wedding exudes. You can browse her wedding portfolio to get a better idea of her work. Are you ready to discuss your big day? Contact her at 703-435-5292 or and let us talk about your ideas.

3 Tips For Feeling Comfortable During Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement photos can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you are not fond of being in front of the camera. As a Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer with over 19 years of experience, Anne Lord has a few tips to help you feel more comfortable taking your engagement photos.

1) Feeling comfortable with your photographer

Your engagement should be about being in love, soaking up the excitement, and getting ready to start a brand-new journey together. You should take every opportunity to celebrate, and an engagement photography session is a fun, informal way to celebrate just the two of you! It also will give you the opportunity to feel more comfortable with your wedding photographer before the big day. You will get to work out all the quirks and be more relaxed in front of the camera. All while getting to know the other person you will spend your entire wedding day with.

Your engagement photographer will get a chance to gauge you as a couple, how you connect, and the best way to capture that. Some couples are quiet and intimate, while some are very energetic and vivacious. The more you know about each other, the more natural and relaxed you will feel on your wedding day.

Most couples are not comfortable in front of the camera, so this can be much like a practice run before the big day. There is so little time on your wedding day for couple shots. You do not want to spend the first half of your photo session warming up or figuring anything out. Having an engagement shoot is also a great way to have some gorgeous portraits of you and your loved one together. You could even use them for the wedding invites or your guestbook, and of course creates great social media content.

2) Wear something that is comfortable and gives confidence

It may seem silly, but if you do not pick an outfit you are comfortable in for your photo session, you could potentially spend your whole time picking at your clothes or covering yourself up. If you choose something you have not worn before, you will be worried about how you look in it or may discover it is actually quite uncomfortable. This discomfort can translate into how you come across in your photos. This does not mean you cannot ever choose a new outfit for your engagement shoot. If you do purchase something new, take it out for a test run and make sure you like both the fit and the feel. You want to choose outfits that make you feel like a million bucks. Anne aims for a casual, relaxed time and therefore suggests a casual outfit as opposed to being very dressy.  Oftentimes Anne will have the couple pose on the ground, so shorts or short skirts are generally not recommended.

The thing to remember is that these photos are representative of your own personalities, so you should feel like yourselves and dress like yourselves too!

3) Choose a comfortable location

Location can be everything, so think about what you really love as a couple and what place reflects it. That said, Anne has a perfect spot near the Potomac River that she generally uses and that works well with great photo opportunities.

Typically, Anne finds that men are more uncomfortable in front of the camera than the ladies.  She tries to keep the photo session fairly short and fun. The couple get to know her better and on the big day the groom is more comfortable having already met Anne and knowing she will do a great job in a short space of time.

Another reason for a comfortable outdoor location is Anne (being an avid pet lover) always asks if the couple have a dog they would like included in the session.  Couples are more relaxed when they have their pets with them and not all the attention is being focused on just them.

To sum up, relax and remember this next season of life is going to be one of the best!

Choose Anne Lord for your Engagement photography!

If you are searching for an experienced engagement and wedding photographer, please send Anne an email at or to start a conversation on what you have in mind call (703) 435-5292.

Couples are ­always welcome to include their pets in the session since we are pet friendly.

A Wedding Photographer’s Advice On Early Scheduling of Your Photographer

The holidays have come and gone, and with them, a host of new engagements, family members, pets, and special memories. We are now looking ahead in 2021. With a new year comes new hope and new celebrations.

Have you recently become engaged? If so, congratulations! But where do you go from there? According to multiple wedding sources including the Knot, Zola, and, the range for booking your wedding photographer is anywhere from 6 to 13 months.

By this time, you may already have picked your venue, a theme/color scheme, an idea of a guest list, and a basic timeline for your wedding day. All this is immensely helpful to your photographer, and here are a few reasons why:

The Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is like choosing your dress—you want it to be perfect! Once you have chosen your wedding venue, your wedding photographer can help tell the story with images of why you chose that place. You may have chosen your venue based on personal reasons – it may be a special place to you and your fiancé. You will know whether you want the wedding shots inside or outside, or if you are doing photos at more than one location. All this information can help your wedding photographer plan and bring to life the once-in-a-lifetime photographs of your special day. Leesburg, Virginia photographer Anne Lord has vast experience in helping couples choose the best locations in the surrounding areas to produce the most fantastic images. Images that will also reflect the love and connection between the happy couple.

The Guest List

Having a draft of your guest list ready when choosing and working with your wedding photographer is particularly important. You will probably have an idea at this point of who you really want photos taken such as out of town family or friends. Perhaps you have a clear  idea of who will be on your ‘must photograph’ list. This will help your wedding photographer coordinate photos to take with whom and where at the venue.

As a Leesburg Virginia wedding photographer, Anne Lord has photographed hundreds of weddings over the years and has great tips and advice for how to plan your wedding day photos.

The Timeline

While taking candid, spur of the moment photos, having posed shots add great substance to your final wedding album. Identifying the photo arrangements you really want to include can reduce disappointment and conflict later. It will also make it easier to coordinate everybody during the shoot. Thus, it is a great idea to finalize your shot list in advance so that you can make the most of the limited time during your wedding.

This way your wedding photographer is also able to capture all the many “firsts” that happen in a wedding. The first look, the first dance, the first kiss are just a few moments that you will want to remember for a lifetime. Sharing the tentative schedule of your wedding with your wedding photographer ensure that they will be in the right place at the right time.  With Anne Lord’s vast experience as a Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer, she has the skill and creative eye to bring to life the once in a lifetime photos.

Capture once-in-a-lifetime-moments with Anne Lord

Your wedding day is going to fly by quickly. You will be preoccupied and distracted by so many things that day. Planning in advance and being organized will make a big difference.

With years of experience as a wedding photographer, Anne Lord goes above and beyond to prepare for the big day and to capture the unique story of every wedding. Browse her wedding portfolio to get a better idea of her work. Are you ready to discuss your big day? Contact Anne at 703-435-5292 or and let’s talk about it.

Plan Your 2021 Wedding – Leesburg, Virginia Photographer For Your Engagement And Wedding Photos

Times may be a little crazy right now, but for next year, a lot of couples have their weddings to look forward to! Now is the time to plan and think about engagement photos and lining up a photographer for the big day. Anne Lord, a Leesburg, Virginia photographer brings 19 years of experience in engagement and wedding photography to any couple she photographs.

Using the same photographer for both your engagement and wedding photos ensure that your wedding images are the best they can be because you have already built a rapport with your photographer. There is a comfort and trust that is built during the engagement session with your wedding photographer. Here are 3 reasons to use the same photographer for both joyous events in your life.

1.   Being comfortable with your wedding photographer

Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know your photographer, and for your photographer to get to know you as a couple. Through your session, engagement photographer Anne Lord likes to help make couples feel more comfortable and natural in front of the camera with the aim of ‘bringing out’ your genuine personalities. Knowing that you and your loved one are not professional models Anne uses her experience and skill to capture images of poses that are both flattering and natural. Discovering these things during your engagement session reduces the guesswork on your wedding day.

2.   Knowing what to expect for your wedding portraits

Every photographer works differently, so using the same photographer can help streamline your wedding day portraits. You will already be comfortable with your photographer and know the level of involvement and direction that your photographer is striving for. Your engagement session can provide a glimpse of how you and your loved one will feel being photographed on your wedding day. Having photographed many engagements and wedding days, Anne Lord of Leesburg Virginia and the surrounding communities, likes to also capture events as they naturally unfold in front of her. By having one photographer for your engagement shoot, and another photographer for you wedding day, each photographer may focus more on staging or posing moments to look genuine since they have not been able to build a rapport from a previous shoot. Knowing exactly what to expect from your photographer on your big day will put your mind at ease.

3.   Cohesive images from your engagement session to your big day

By using the same photographer for engagement and wedding photos, you ensure a cohesive style of imagery and aesthetic for all your engagement and wedding images. Some photographers like to emphasize color and high saturation, eccentric lighting, or sharp contrast in their images. By having the same photographer for both big events your photos will complement each other and have the same pleasing aesthetic. Instead of different styles and flow, they would be a natural continuation from your engagement photos to your wedding day photos.

Another advantage is that if you like what your photographer did with your engagement photos, you will have security in knowing that your photographer will take care of all your photography needs leaving one less thing to worry about on your big day. Also, if you like your engagement photographer, then you already have your wedding photographer right in front of you!

Choose Anne Lord for Your Engagement and Wedding Photography!

If you are searching for an experienced engagement and wedding photographer, please send me an email at or let us start a conversation on what you have in mind — call me at (703) 435-5292.


Note of Recognition: Anne Lord Photography would like to thank the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development for their resources and support of local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

With COVID Restrictions Lifting, It is Time to Celebrate Your Engagement!

With restrictions lifting in and around the Washington, D.C. area, parks, scenic overlooks, and other outdoor options are now accessible for taking environmental engagement photos that were put on hold due to the Coronavirus.

Now is the time to start enjoying and showing off the new phase in your life; being engaged! As an experienced wedding photographer in Leesburg, Virginia, I have the equipment and the know-how to get the best quality photos of you and your loved one while following safety protocols that make you feel comfortable.

Schedule a time

Even though restrictions are being lifted, safety precautions are still strongly being advised. One way to follow social distancing but also getting the engagement photos you have always wanted is by planning where you would like to have the shoot ahead of time. I like to schedule a shoot for the late afternoon, early evening, just before sunset. This allows for the best light to capture your special moments. I also keep my sessions short and fun. By planning the engagement shoot ahead of time, you are expediting the process and taking into consideration what is going on around you.

Your imagination is the limit

Getting to help you create the images of your engagement is a privilege and I love seeing what my clients come up with for their photos. It is your engagement, showcasing you and your love. The sky is the limit on the poses and composition you want. Along with your ideas, as I get to know your personalities and relationship, I can help suggest ideas as well. I use my experience, skills, and technique to help pose my clients in a way that is both flattering and natural. I also like to encourage couples to bring along their pet if they have one. Pets bring an added natural bit of fun to any shoot.

Anne Lord: Your engagement photographer

I have been photographing weddings in Leesburg, Virginia for over 19 years, and the experience always moves me. The opportunity to capture the joy, passion, and love during an engagement shoot never ceases to amaze me. If you are searching for an experienced engagement photographer, please send me an email at or let’s start a discussion of what you have in mind — call me at (703) 435-5292.

Wedding Detail Photography Tips from Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers

Preparation is key to gorgeous wedding detail shots. To guarantee excellent photos, some elements require extra setup before shoots, while others are good to go with a few minor adjustments. Help your Leesburg, VA wedding photographers capture every significant detail on your big day with these smart tips.

3 Tips for Brilliant Wedding Detail Photos

It’s easy to forget about your photo plans amidst the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, so finalize everything before then. Follow these tips to make sure your album is filled with beautiful detail photos:

  1. Make a detail photo checklist for each part of the wedding day.

While experienced wedding photographers typically have a photo checklist of their own, it still pays to create your own. After all, there’s a chance that you want a shot of something that’s not on their priorities.

Give your checklist to your Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer. If you have specific images in mind for some of its items, discuss them with your photographer. Make sure everything is clear before the big day. Below are some of the essential detail shots on your big day:

Wedding Preparations

    • Wedding essentials, such as:
      • Wedding rings
      • Wedding bouquet
      • Wedding invitation
    • The bride’s wardrobe and room
    • The groom’s wardrobe and room
    • The couple and their entourage while preparing for the wedding
    • The interior and exterior of the building where the couple and their entourage are staying in

Wedding Ceremony:

    • The ceremony venue before and after the guests arrive
    • The wedding ceremony proceedings
    • The unique structural features and wedding décor of the ceremony venue

Wedding Reception:

    • The interior and exterior of the reception venue
    • The reception venue before and after the guests arrive
    • The reception essentials and décor, such as:
      • Table settings
      • Table centerpieces
      • Place cards and menus
      • Wedding favors or souvenirs
    • The newlywed’s table
    • The wedding cake
    • The food and beverages
  1. Let your photographer explore your venues before the wedding.

Visit your ceremony and reception locations a day or two before your wedding with your photographer. Point out key places, such as the table of the couple’s family and closest friends. Give your photographer a rundown of the decorations to let them know of potential shot angles and flawed photo locations.

If you hired several Leesburg, VA wedding photographers for your big day, it’s best to schedule their venue visits on the same day. This will allow them to plan their shots and coordinate their focus areas.

  1. Give your photographer a detailed copy of your wedding program.

This will help your photographer anticipate significant events, such as the first look and first dance, and figure out the best spots to shoot them. Determine the tentative schedule of crucial activities. If the reception party has surprise segments, make sure to keep your photographer in the loop.

Document Every Detail of Your Wedding Day with Anne Lord

As a wedding and corporate photographer in Washington, DC with almost 20 years of experience, I know that every detail tells a story —from the subtle designs of the wedding rings to the beautiful table setups. It’s why I always go the extra mile to capture every significant element of marriage ceremonies and parties. Check out my Wedding Portfolio to view my works.

Need a photographer for your big day? Please call me at (703) 435-5292, and let’s discuss your wedding photo ideas!


Wedding Photo Advice from Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers

When it comes to beautiful wedding photos, a little forethought goes a long way. While your Leesburg, VA wedding photographers will do everything they can to capture every special moment, there are some things that you can do to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day.

Let’s look at some of the top wedding planning mistakes that can affect your photos and how to prevent them.

4 Mistakes to Avoid for Great Wedding Photos

After photographing hundreds of weddings over the years, I know that spontaneity plays a significant role in capturing raw emotions. However, with so many unexpected things happening simultaneously during a wedding, it can be difficult to record everything.

Planning is key to ensuring all the crucial details make it into the final shots. Help set the stage for gorgeous wedding images by avoiding these common mistakes:

  1. Missing the Firsts

So many firsts happen in a wedding —i.e., the first look, the first dance, the first kiss—and you’ll want to remember them for a lifetime. Sharing the tentative schedule of these firsts with your photographer ensures that they’re in the right place, at the right time.

  1. Not Having a Photo Coordinator

This one’s more of a soft suggestion than a rule. Your photo coordinator can be a friend or sibling who’s close to you and know the people in your life. Just like how your wedding coordinator makes sure that everything goes according to plan, your photo coordinator can help with tasks such as arranging friends and family for group photos.

Ideally, your photo coordinator should attend all meetings with your Leesburg, Virginia photographer to get a good idea of what to expect during the wedding.

  1. Not Finalizing the Poses

While I love taking candid, spur-of-the-moment photos, I also know that posed shots add great substance to your final album. Clarifying the poses you want can reduce disappointment and conflict later. It will also make it easier to coordinate everybody during the shoot. Therefore, it’s a good idea to finalize your shot list in advance so that we can make the most of the limited time during the wedding.

  1. Not Paying Attention to the Details

There are numerous little things you may not notice but can get in the way of picture-perfect images. Here are some dos and don’ts to pay attention to:


✔ Ask the officiant to stand aside during your first kiss.

✔ Ensure there’s ambient lighting to set a romantic mood for the images.

✔ Remind guests to put away their phones to keep those screens out of the shots.


• Fill the water glass too early to avoid unattractive condensation in the shots.

• Use table numbers, flower arrangements, and candelabras that are too high to prevent obscuring your visitors.

• Clutter the bridal suite.

• Have the wait staff at the reception background.

What you should and shouldn’t do may also vary depending on your venue. Talk to your Leesburg, VA wedding photographers about them before the big day.

Capture Once in a Lifetime Moments with Anne Lord

With over 18 years of experience as a wedding and

, I go above and beyond to capture the unique story of every wedding. Browse my Wedding Portfolio to get a better idea of the work I do.

Are you ready to discuss your big day? Please call me at (703) 435-5292 and let’s talk about your ideas.


Wedding Photography Location Tips from Your Leesburg, Virginia Photographer

Choosing the location for your wedding photo shoot is like choosing your dress—you want it to be perfect. T because he memory of how you looked and felt at the chosen place on your special day will be with you for all time. As a Leesburg, Virginia photographer, I work with my clients at select whatever location they choose to not only produce fantastic images but also reflect the love and connection between the happy couple. 

The venue of your pre-wedding photo shoot will tell your story and become one of the highlights of your big day. To guide you toward the ideal place, consider these tips:

  • Make it personal.

Before selecting a location for your wedding photo shoot, talk about what locale represents your relationship with your fiancée. For instance, where did you two first meet? What are your favorite activities as a couple? If you like going on outdoor adventures together, maybe you’ll want to consider a beautiful field with trees, flowers, and a lake as your photo shoot setting. If you love spending time by the sea, perhaps a breathtaking coastal location would be ideal. If possible, you’ll want whatever place you choose to be significant to you and your significant other.

  • Decide whether you want the shoot indoors or outdoors.

If you want your shoot to be indoors, you’ll have to consider factors like light sources, booking the venue, and the décor used in the photos. For outdoor locations, be sure to ahead plan for unpredictable weather conditions, how you and your guest will arrive and park at the venue, and any permits that may be required. Not sure which one will work best for your vision? Feel free to ask your Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer for suggestions on what will work best for your shoot’s theme and goals.

  • If you’re doing more than one location, plan accordingly.

There are times when couples want more than one setting for their shoot. Should you decide to go this route, plan the day very carefully and budget in loads of extra time for travel. Plan for the unexpected as well. For instance, if one or both of your locations are outdoors, be prepared for changes in the weather. Ideally, two sites offer a great balance between a change of scenery while maintaining a smooth flow between the locations.

  • Research the popularity of your potential location.

Before you fall in love with a beautiful location in Leesburg, Virginia, check if the venue is free on the day you want it for your shoot. Chances are other couples are also eyeing that location for their own day, especially at popular locations.

Let’s Plan Your Wedding Photo Shoot Today!

In over 17 years as a local wedding and corporate photographer in DC, I’ve found that having the right location never fails to turn an ordinary wedding shoot into a magical affair. The results are undeniable—just take a look at my Wedding Photography Portfolio, which spans beautiful images from over 400 weddings. I offer local wedding photography in Maryland, Leesburg, Herndon, Fairfax, Arlington, Leesburg, Virginia, and in the Washington DC metro area. When you’re ready, call me at (703) 435-5292 and let’s start a conversation. 

Virginia Wedding

Tips for the Big Day from Your Leesburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Throughout my 17 years of experience as a Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer, it’s my honor to have been a part of over 400 weddings. It’s truly a privilege to witness the unique story of every couple and to tell it through beautiful images.
When you look through your wedding images a few years down the road, I want you to feel the same way you did on the big day: magical, full of love, and bursting with joy.

Virginia Wedding photo

For the Sweet Couple: Tips for Outstanding Wedding Photos

As your wedding photographer, it’s my job to capture as many of these moments as I can. But it is you who has the final say over the design and plan of the whole event. Here are a few simple steps you can do to help create natural, picture-perfect moments throughout your big day.

  • Select the Biggest Room to Prepare In
    Preparing in a larger room gives you breathing space to chase away those jitters. In terms of aesthetics, it provides a greater variety of angles and offers a pleasing sense of depth that helps you stand out from the background.
  • Elevate the Ambiance with Windows
    Windows are an excellent source of diffuse light for wonderfully-lit, professional wedding photography. If possible, choose a spot close to the window for your hair and makeup. This is also a plus for your makeup artist, since natural light enhances color fidelity and illumination.
  • Eyes on the Prize
    Not everyone is used to being stared at by so many people, and as the bride, you are the star of the show. The attention can certainly be overwhelming. Because of this (and perhaps to avoid tripping over the dress), some brides tend to look at their feet while walking down the aisle.However, it makes for much better photos if you keep your head up and look straight ahead. Here are some tips to make this easier:

    • walk slowly
    • feel free to make eye contact with your beloved guests
    • keep looking at your partner as you make your way to the altar
  • Seal it with a Kiss
    It’s the phrase everyone’s been waiting for: “You may now kiss.” This moment should be crystallized in your wedding photos for eternity.Some couples, however, make this moment so fleeting that it might be missed, not just by the guests, but by your local wedding photographers. Therefore, I encourage you to take your time during this highlight. Breathe deeply, slow down, and take several seconds to enjoy your first kiss as a married couple.
  • Make Way for the Speeches
    Podiums and big microphones on stands can get in the way of great photos during the speech. They can also be inconvenient for people of shorter statures.Inquire ahead of time if the speakers can use wireless microphones instead. This allows your guests to move freely during their speech, making it more dynamic, spontaneous, and captivating.

Make Your Big Day a Dream Come True

You deserve no less than images which can make that magical day come to life every time you open your wedding albums. Please call me at 703-994-7938 (cell) or 703-435-5292 (office), and let’s discuss how I can help make those unforgettable wedding memories last forever.

Couple in the woods

Your Local Wedding Photographers Share Picture-Perfect Tips for Brides

Couple in the woods

As the bride, all eyes are on you on your wedding day. This is the sum of so much thought and effort— from planning out the venue, picking out the cake, finding the perfect dress, hiring local wedding photographers, choosing makeup artists, and many more—all of it culminate in this celebration of love amidst your closest friends and family.

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newly weds in a garden | Anne Lord Phtography

Why Hire Local Wedding Photographers

The very special experiences of being a Local Wedding Photographer

The most enjoyable aspect of being a local wedding photographer is meeting and working with all of the wonderful people I encounter at every wedding that I photograph. It is such a special occasion which much anticipation from the happy couple and so many expectations for the finished product from the photographer. I truly enjoy the experience of each wedding and I work extremely hard to ensure I exceed all expectations the couple have from their local wedding photographer. For over 16 years, my passion for local wedding photography has helped me make a personal connection with the people around Leesburg, Virginia.

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Silver card for special someone | Anne Lord Photography

To the love of my life. . .

Sarah & Brent Details 10-23

Sarah & Brent Details

It was such a beautiful evening at the Belvedere Hotel for Sarah & Brent’s wedding. With beautiful centerpieces from Floral ImpressionsSBw1023 copy

katherine and jared

Katherine & Jared

Congratulations to Katherine and Jared! They were recently married at the Dahlgren Chapel, Georgetown University. Although the day started out with a rainy morning, the weather cleared up in time to take some photos on the campus grounds. The flowers for the wedding were provided by Petal’s Edge Floral Design. Katherine and Jared’s special day was coordinated by Rebecca Sparks of Rex & Regina, LLC. Congratulations again to Katherine and Jared! Wedding Photography Va_KJ01 Wedding Photography Va_KJ03 Wedding Photography Va_KJ04 Wedding Photography Va_KJ08 Wedding Photography Va_KJ13 Wedding Photography Va_KJ19 Wedding Photography Va_KJ23

Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR001

Caroline & Ron’s Wedding

It was a beautiful sunny day when Caroline & Ron tied the knot at the Washington Masonic National Memorial.  They were both incredibly relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the festivities on the day.  They had a “first look” and we managed to get a lot of the photographs taken ahead of the ceremony.  Congratulations again to you both – it was a pleasure to be part of your special day.  Brian Lusby worked with me to create some beautiful images.

Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR---1 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR001 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR002 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR0002 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR003 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR004 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR005 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR006 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR007 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR008 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR009 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR010 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR011 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR012 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR013 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR014 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR015 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR016 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR017 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR018 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR019 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR020Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR027 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR021 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR022 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR023 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR024 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR025 Wedding Photographer Virginia CR 026bWedding Photographer Virginia_CR026 Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR0026c_ Wedding Photographer Virginia_CR028 Wedding Photographer Virginia_0003CR

ally and dave

Ally & Dave’s Wedding

Ally & Dave married recently at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, DC.  Ally made a stunning bride.  Her dress was so unique.  It was a ball gown in ivory colored raw silk designed by Ramona Keveza from their Legends Collection.  The unique belt was by Marchesa and purchased separately.  The skirt of the dress was affixed with a button and actually detached from the gown so that when Ally was ready to “party” she could do a quick “reveal” by tearing off the skirt.  Some images here show the “reveal”.  Ally mentioned that she will use the skirt material to make a clutch and christening gowns for future children.  It was a wonderful occasion enjoyed by all and with the help of Brian Lusby we were able to capture some beautiful images.  Ellen Seagraves was the florist, and Jeannie Dion, one of Ally’s bridesmaids provided the most amazing cake.  Dan Goldman of Bialeks DJ provided great music for the guests to dance the night away and Margo Fischer did a wonderful job coordinating the event.



Carnegie_Reston_VA_17 Carnegie_Reston_VA_18 Carnegie_Reston_VA_25 Carnegie_Reston_VA_26

stephanie and dan wedding

Stephanie and Dan’s Wedding

Stephanie and Dan were married at St. John Neumann Church, Reston on Saturday, April 26 with the wedding reception at the Marriott Dulles Airport Hotel.  Another wonderful wedding with a different twist.

Stephanie and Dan love playing games and this became the theme of the wedding.  Stephanie’s parents, Ken and Kathy Smith did an outstanding job incorporating the theme throughout the wedding day and topped it all with an amazing slideshow which was presented at the reception.  So many new and exciting details – some of which are shown in the images in this blog.  Stephanie’s brother Jeff produced  and laser cut the cake topper and “Mr and Mrs” signs.  As Kathy said – they embraced the theme and felt it is “just an expression of the fun couple Stephanie and Dan are and their love of lie and each other”.

Brian Lusby was my valuable second shooter at this wedding.

zSDw0009 zSDw0026 zSDw0029 zSDw0036 zSDw0033

SDw0222 zSDw0058 SDw0250 SDw0264 SDw0274 SDw0336 SDw0465 SDw0501 SDw0560 SDw0623 SDw0732 SDw0782 SDw0794 SDw1055 SDw1089 SDw1101 SDw1141 SDw1196 SDw1200 SDw1242 SDw1258 zSDw1002 zSDw0989 zSDw0988 zSDw0986 zSDw0975 zSDw0972 zSDw1003 zSDw1012 zSDw1013 zSDw1014 zSDw1015 zSDw1017 zSDw1263 zSDw1274 zSDw1276 zSDw1878 zSDw1879 zSDw1880 SDw1363 SDw1372 SDw1373 SDw1389 SDw1392 SDw1415 SDw1424 SDw1428 SDw1502 SDw1505 SDw1534 SDw1541 SDw1575 SDw1601 SDw1615 SDw1616 SDw1631 SDw1667

jenn and ej wedding

Jenn & EJ’s Wedding

Jenn & EJ were married on April 12, in Arlington with the reception at the Fairview Marriot Hotel in Falls Church. Jenn looked stunning. It was a wonderful wedding with friends and family – and everyone had a great time. Brian Lusby assisted me in photographing this wedding and some of his beautiful work is shown below.


dana and steve wedding

Dana and Steve’s Wedding

Dana and Steve were married on April 5, 2014 at St. John Neumann Church with their reception at Lansdowne Country Club. Brian Lusby photographed this wedding with me and some of his images are featured below.

Dana looked absolutely stunning in a “Le Reve” gown. Steve who is 6ft 5 inches tall was looking sharp. What a fun couple they are. Dana is a basketball coach so for their engagement pics we did some in the garden and took some pics at nearby basketball court.

At the reception – they amazed us all by giving an outstanding performance with two dances that they personally choreographed. The dance was a well kept secret and they brought the house down with their “moves”. Congratulations!

DSw0013DSw0034 DSw0093 DSw0097 DSw0109 DSw0116 DSw0148 DSw0398 DSw0400 DSw0407 DSw0464 DSw0482 DSw0485 DSw0516 DSw0525 DSw0530 DSw0577 DSw0630 DSw0671 DSw0679 DSw0852 DSw0919 DSw0922 DSw0924 DSw1039 DSw1040 DSw1114 DSw1117 DSw1150 DSw1160 DSw1162 DSw1240 DSw1263 DSw1270 DSw1286

stephanie and luis

Stephanie & Luis’ Wedding, July 27, 2013

What a fun wedding with Stephanie & Luis at the Regency Country Club in Haymarket.  What a great venue.  Brian Lusby worked with me on their special day.  Stephanie looked like a model out of a magazine.

SLw0017 SLw0024 SLw0072 SLw0106 SLw0111 SLw0136 SLw0301 SLw0671 SLw0676 SLw0696 SLw0839 SLw0890 SLw0935 SLw0950 SLw0974 SLw0998f SLw1011 SLw1033 SLw1077 SLw1214 SLw1217

sara and john wedding

Sara & John’s Wedding, October 4, 2013

Sara and John got married at Whitehall Manor recently.  The perfect setting for a wonderful occasion.  Assisted by Brian Lusby we captured some special moments.  Sara looked absolutely gorgeous.

SJw0024 SJw0026 SJw0047 SJw0075 SJw0112 SJw0144 SJw0219 SJw0234 SJw0246 SJw0248 SJw0258-2 SJw0261 SJw0280 SJw0283 SJw0314 SJw0321-2 SJw0331 SJw0339-2 SJw0345 SJw0355 SJw0357 SJw0362 SJw0459 SJw0606 SJw0808 SJw0859 SJw0865 SJw0901 SJw0997 SJw1014 SJw1054 SJw1104 SJw1120 SJw1126 SJw1144 SJw1489

cynthia and bill wedding

Cynthia & Bill’s Wedding, October 2013

Cynthia and Bill got married recently in our garden here on Lake Newport.  Cynthia is a fellow photographer and dear friend and I was honored and privileged to be part of this special occasion.  It was a small intimate wedding and the setting was just perfect.  Fellow photographer and friend, Brian Lusby, assisted with the photography.  Henry was the ring bearer – so cute in his tuxedo.  What a memorable occasion it was.

CBw0019 CBw0024 CBw0027 CBw0030 CBw0039 CBw0043 CBw0044 CBw0053 CBw0061 CBw0139 CBw0169 CBw0184 CBw0197 CBw0211 CBw0220 CBw0244 CBw0265 CBw0289 CBw0329 CBw0421 CBw0431 CBw0456 CBw0469 CBw0490 CBw0511 CBw0569 CBw0573 CBw0605 CBw0636 CBw0691 CBw0692 CBw0699 CBw0702 CBw0720 CBw0736 CBw0743 CBw0750

christina and chris wedding

Christina & Chris’s Wedding

On September 14, Christina and Chris got ready and had their reception at one of my favorite venues, Belmont Country Club.  The ceremony was at St. John Neumann Church in Reston.  It was a bright sunny day.  Christina looked beautiful.  Jeremy Dick assisted in creating these beautiful images.

CCw0001 CCw0037 CCw0087 CCw0206 CCw0226-2 CCw0230 CCw0264 CCw0271 CCw0284 CCw0336-2 CCw0346 CCw0860 CCw0876 CCw0889 CCw0927 CCw0938-2 CCw0971 CCw0986 CCw1032 CCw1043 CCw1104 CCw1111 CCw1189 CCw1207 CCw1214 CCw1282 CCw1289 CCw1340 CCw1344 CCw1346 CCw1370

rebecca and matt wedding

Rebecca & Matt’s Wedding

Rebecca & Matt were married at Whitehall Manor on July 6, 2013.  What a happy occasion it was and fun was had by all. Brian Lusby did a great job as my second shooter and some of his images are featured here.

RMw0009 RMw0059 RMw0080 RMw0110 RMw0157 RMw0199 RMw0275 RMw0284 RMw0293 RMw0310 RMw0351 RMw0352 RMw0380 RMw0562 RMw0587 RMw0603 RMw0628 RMw0660 RMw0668 RMw0677 RMw0688 RMw0714 RMw1022 RMw1051 RMw1103 RMw1106 RMw1213 RMw1219 RMw1246 RMw1272 RMw1285 RMw1296 RMw1314 RMw1329 RMw1340 RMw1350 RMw1356

lindsay and stephen

Lindsay & Stephen’s Wedding

Lindsay & Stephen were married at St. John Neumann Church on May 4, 2013 with the reception at the Country Club of Fairfax.  Lindsay looked beautiful and radiant.  Stephan was full of fun! Brian Lusby did a great job as my second shooter and some of his images are featured here.


LSw0013 LSw0030 LSw0056-2 LSw0062 LSw0098 LSw0103 LSw0121 LSw0152-2 LSw0249 LSw0899 LSw1178 LSw1248 LSw1332 LSw1422

kathleen and mike

Kathleen & Mike’s Wedding

Kathleen & Mike were married at St. John Neumann Church on May 25, 2013 with the reception at Westfields Marriott.  Kathleen looked stunning and her veil was her mother’s original wedding veil and completed “the look”.  Jeremy Dick and Beth Lightbody both worked with me at this wedding and some of Jeremy’s images are featured here.

KMw0020 KMw0029 KMw0057-2 KMw0079 KMw0111 KMw0122 KMw0130 KMw0138 KMw0139-2 KMw0214 KMw0424 KMw0503 KMw0660 KMw1072 KMw1401 KMw1413

jessica and ryan wedding

Jessica & Ryan’s Wedding

Jessica &  Ryan were married on June 1, 2013 at the Historic St. Mary’s Church in Burke, with the reception at the Country Club of Fairfax.  Jessica was one of the most relaxed and happy brides I have had the pleasure of working with. Brian Lusby did a great job as my second shooter and some of his images are featured here.


JKw0010 JKw0015 JKw0022 JKw0053 JKw0062 JKw0134 JKw0174-2 JKw0207 JKw0257 JKw0293-2 JKw0375 JKw0385 JKw0449 JKw0487 JKw0585 JKw0756 JKw0940 JKw0968 JKw0973 JKw1016 JKw1068 JKw1176 JKw1232 JKw1724 JKw2018 JKw2044

christine and erik

Christine & Erik’s Wedding

Christine & Erik were married at Lakewood Country Club, Rockville, MD on June 29, 2013.  Christine was a beautiful bride and we wish them every happiness. Brian Lusby did a great job as my second shooter and some of his images are featured here.

CEw0037 CEw0081CEw0108 CEw0245 CEw0286 CEw0291 CEw0307 CEw0312 CEw0539 CEw0546 CEw0579 CEw0878 CEw1046 CEw1051 CEw1064 CEw1066 CEw1111 CEw1215 CEw1674 CEw1676

jackie and john wedding

Jackie & John Wedding

Jackie & John were married  on July 27, 2013 at Whitehall Manor.  Jackie looked gorgeous.  The rain came and went and we managed to get outside for some photos in the early evening.  Brian Lusby did a great job as my second shooter and some of his images are featured here.

JJw0034 JJw0040 JJw0098 JJw0132-2 JJw0163 JJw0207 JJw0236 JJw0246 JJw0252 JJw0264 JJw0607 JJw1245 JJw1285 JJw1297 JJw1328 JJw1549 JJw1555 JJw1792 JJw1811 JJw1861 JJw1896 JJw2030 JJw2197


Wedding Season Kicked Off Last Week!

Wedding season kicked off last week and we have an exciting busy year ahead of us.

Kelsey and Justin were married on March 23rd at the Historic Rosemont Manor in Berryville, Virginia. We were blessed with gorgeous weather considering the time of year.

Here is a sampling of a few images from their special day.

Rosemont_1 Rosemont_11 Rosemont_10 Rosemont_9a Rosemont_9 Rosemont_8 Rosemont_7 Rosemont_6 Rosemont_5 Rosemont_4 Rosemont_3 Rosemont_2