Leesburg, Virginia Corporate Photographer


Photography is both an art and science requiring technique and artistry to get the perfect angle, lighting effects, and composition. It has many different forms one of which is corporate photography. Any corporate photographer knows that this type of photography also requires good interpersonal skills to put subjects at ease and produce complimentary and appropriate images of CEOs, partners, board members, and everyone involved in the team.


My objective is to make my clients look professional and appropriate for the message they wish to convey through their image. This can be against a formal backdrop, green screen or in a more casual natural setting. Headshots can be done in studio or on location. I offer professional headshots in Washington DC, Maryland , and throughout the Northern Virginia area. No matter your choice for location or timing I will provide guidance and advice on getting the best out of your location selection. I also have the latest portable professional lighting technology to resolve any particular lighting or effects that may be required.

  • Location Portraits
    As your corporate photographer in Leesburg, VA and surrounding areas, I take responsibility to make sure we have a good location, good lighting and ultimately very satisfied clients. I provide advice on all logistics required for the shoot ahead of time so the client involvement on the day is minimal. The choice of location is very flexible, it can be an office suite, conference centre or off-site should there be something more appealing to you at another location.


Corporate photography requires that the images produced reflect the message that the individual or the team want people to immediately connect with i.e. professional and efficient, friendly and approachable, energetic, laid back and low stress, whatever… An image can speak a thousand words about the subject and I understand how to achieve these requirements.

  • Corporate Environmental and Team Shots
    A good way for potential partners and clients to relate to your company is by providing on-line images of your team at work around the office. Along with this, as your corporate photographer, I provide corporate photography services to cover corporate events, meetings, parties, conferences, etc.
  • Corporate Headshots
    Corporate headshots empower the personal branding of your individual members, this can be an important aspect of your marketing efforts. This also allows clients to put faces to the email and telephone interactions they may be having with you. I will help you devise a corporate headshot program with images that will reflect your energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism.


In this digital landscape, the best way to connect with your partners and clients is through images. Create radical innovation within your organization by showcasing who your members are. Let me help you create a specific personality that communicates sincerity and trustworthiness. Remember, your face is part of your brand. Allow me the opportunity to handle your corporate photography needs!