Your Local Wedding Photographers Share Picture-Perfect Tips for Brides

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As the bride, all eyes are on you on your wedding day. This is the sum of so much thought and effort— from planning out the venue, picking out the cake, finding the perfect dress, hiring local wedding photographers, choosing makeup artists, and many more—all of it culminate in this celebration of love amidst your closest friends and family.

But once everything is done, all that remains are the cherished memories, emotions, and moments captured in photos and videos you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Wedding Photo Secrets for Your Big Day

Most of this responsibility falls on finding the right wedding photographer for your big day. As the bride, however, there are numerous steps you can take to guarantee unforgettable photos and have fun in the process.

  • Draw Up a Mood Board
    They say a picture says a thousand words, so how about a whole board full of photos you’ve personally selected? Successful wedding photography depends so much on your photographers and videographers getting to know your relationship, personalities, and preferences.

    To help them grasp your vision, you can create a mood board on apps like Pinterest. Save images that reflect the style and direction you want your wedding day photos to take. Encourage your groom, friends, and family to contribute and share inspiration.

  • Schedule a Timeline for Each Activity
    In the frenzy of wedding preparation, this is something that a lot of brides tend to forget. Fortunately, your wedding planner can help you stay on top of this. Confirm that there’s enough time set aside for various sections of the day such as hair and makeup, set-up for the reception, entrance, etc.

    There are so many beautiful moments to catch on your wedding day, but they might be missed without enough time to let those moments unfold. Therefore, that timeline should have ample space for your photo sessions such as couple’s photo session, bridal party and groomsmen photos, photos with your pet, first look, and others.

    Not sure how much time you should set aside for your photo sessions? As an experienced wedding photographer, I can give you valuable input on this one.

  • Minimize Your Photo Shoot Locations
    It’s best to minimize the number of locations you’ll have for your wedding photo shoot. Time is of the essence here; you want to spend as little time as possible traveling from point to point so you can have more time to take pictures and relish the moment.

    Not head over heels for your venue? Don’t worry, that’s exactly what professional wedding photography is for— as your first-rate wedding photographer, I can make any location work, extracting gorgeous photos from unlikely places.

  • Unleash Your Imagination
    It’s your wedding day— don’t be shy! If there’s a certain shot you’ve been dreaming about but you think is out of the box, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with your wedding photographer. The finest creative wedding photography is a marriage of old and new. I will listen to your input and go to great lengths to make it happen.

Anne Lord: Your Wedding Photographer

I’ve been photographing weddings in Leesburg, Virginia for over 16 years, and the experience never ceases to amaze me. I love capturing the passion, joy, and hope that every wedding exudes.

If you’re searching for an experienced wedding photographer, please send me a call or e-mail so we can talk about what you want for your big day.