Wedding Photography Location Tips from Your Leesburg, Virginia Photographer

Choosing the location for your wedding photo shoot is like choosing your dress—you want it to be perfect. T because he memory of how you looked and felt at the chosen place on your special day will be with you for all time. As a Leesburg, Virginia photographer, I work with my clients at select whatever location they choose to not only produce fantastic images but also reflect the love and connection between the happy couple. 

The venue of your pre-wedding photo shoot will tell your story and become one of the highlights of your big day. To guide you toward the ideal place, consider these tips:

  • Make it personal.

Before selecting a location for your wedding photo shoot, talk about what locale represents your relationship with your fiancée. For instance, where did you two first meet? What are your favorite activities as a couple? If you like going on outdoor adventures together, maybe you’ll want to consider a beautiful field with trees, flowers, and a lake as your photo shoot setting. If you love spending time by the sea, perhaps a breathtaking coastal location would be ideal. If possible, you’ll want whatever place you choose to be significant to you and your significant other.

  • Decide whether you want the shoot indoors or outdoors.

If you want your shoot to be indoors, you’ll have to consider factors like light sources, booking the venue, and the décor used in the photos. For outdoor locations, be sure to ahead plan for unpredictable weather conditions, how you and your guest will arrive and park at the venue, and any permits that may be required. Not sure which one will work best for your vision? Feel free to ask your Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer for suggestions on what will work best for your shoot’s theme and goals.

  • If you’re doing more than one location, plan accordingly.

There are times when couples want more than one setting for their shoot. Should you decide to go this route, plan the day very carefully and budget in loads of extra time for travel. Plan for the unexpected as well. For instance, if one or both of your locations are outdoors, be prepared for changes in the weather. Ideally, two sites offer a great balance between a change of scenery while maintaining a smooth flow between the locations.

  • Research the popularity of your potential location.

Before you fall in love with a beautiful location in Leesburg, Virginia, check if the venue is free on the day you want it for your shoot. Chances are other couples are also eyeing that location for their own day, especially at popular locations.

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In over 17 years as a local wedding and corporate photographer in DC, I’ve found that having the right location never fails to turn an ordinary wedding shoot into a magical affair. The results are undeniable—just take a look at my Wedding Photography Portfolio, which spans beautiful images from over 400 weddings. I offer local wedding photography in Maryland, Leesburg, Herndon, Fairfax, Arlington, Leesburg, Virginia, and in the Washington DC metro area. When you’re ready, call me at (703) 435-5292 and let’s start a conversation.