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Corporate Photography: Get High-Quality With An Experienced and Passionate Photographer

corporate photography

This article on corporate photography first appeared in July 2018 and was updated December 2023.

Unlike its flashier and more well-known counterparts, corporate photography may be one of the less-known fields of photography. However, its power to affect the perceptions of people toward a brand may spell the difference between a loss and gain.

If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of corporate photography, do not worry. The task of achieving beautiful corporate images that effectively convey your brand’s message does not fall upon your shoulders. When it comes to corporate photography, what’s important is choosing a photographer who has experience and the right skill set. Once you’ve found a qualified corporate photographer, you can relax. Your professional photographer will direct the whole process of capturing your message through corporate photography.

Choosing a Corporate Photographer

Maybe you’re ready to leave your desk and look into photography websites for the right person to handle your corporate headshots and team photos. First, hold up. These are the things you need to know when screening photographers for the job:

1.  Extensive Corporate Photography Experience

Don’t settle for just any kind of experience. Your corporate photographer must have sufficient experience in working with companies for business headshots, corporate action shots, location portraits, and studio portraits. Just because someone is adept at handling a camera doesn’t mean that he or she can tackle the lighting problems, composition, and body poses for corporate photo shoots.

2.  Essential Pro Equipment

It has been written; the tools do not make an artist. While this is very much true, corporate photography requires professional studio and camera equipment to achieve a level of quality for your images. Look for a photographer who has a studio where you can shoot in-studio portraits for individual headshots if needed and has the appropriate portable equipment for location photo shoots.

3.  Good Interpersonal Skills

A photographer must have the ability to set his or her subjects at ease, especially when directing or staging headshots or in-action photo shoots. Remember that, in corporate photography, well-lit, professionally staged photographs are useless if the subjects are tense, their smiles are strained, or their eyes reflect discomfort. Your photographer must know how to engage you and your staff to be comfortable with the camera and keep the atmosphere of the photo shoot as light as possible.

4.  Post-processing Prowess

In the ever-expanding digital landscape of photography, the truth is that a good camera and good composition are not enough for competitive corporate photography. Your corporate photographer must have premium skills for post-processing, retouching, and enhancing images to maximize the quality and potential of your photos. The resulting photographs should be appropriate for print, website and mounting on walls – whatever the corporate client needs for promote their brand.

These qualities may seem too good to be true, but they are the ingredients of an excellent corporate photographer. When it comes to corporate photography, photos are a double-edged sword. Remember that bad images can cost you more in the long run. You want to convey the message of your brand and build trust with your intended audience. Corporate photos promote a company’s stellar employees and team spirit.

Anne Lord: Your Corporate Photographer

As a corporate photographer for over 20 years, Anne Lord has the professional equipment for in-studio or location corporate photo shoots. Her extensive portfolio can be viewed here. Many companies trust Anne with their corporate photographs. Her aim is to provide the best corporate photography to enhance the brand and messaging of her client. Send Anne an email or call to start the discussion about your company’s photo shoot.


Capturing Your ‘Brand’ With a Professional Headshot

Typically, when people talk about business or corporate headshots, it would seem the purpose of that professional headshot is to convey professionalism. However, there is more to the message of a headshot photo. With the help of experienced Leesburg, Virginia corporate photographer, Anne Lord, professionalism is one aspect she will be able to bring out in your professional headshots. Keep reading for 3 ways your professional business headshot can speak volumes for you!

Just like a business, a headshot can be your “brand”

Are you the CEO of your company? Then you will probably want your headshot to show your “brand” of authority and trustworthiness. If you are within human resources in a company, or looking to find a job in that field, capturing headshots that convey your approachability and friendliness can go a long way in speaking for you. Let Anne’s vast knowledge of the best photography techniques put you at ease so she can capture your message.

Attention to details makes a difference

Whether you are having new professional business headshots taken for your current company, or for use in finding a new job, or as a profile picture for your LinkedIn account, you will want important details considered. From your hair to your feet and everywhere in between you want your position to be spot on. However, you don’t want to look ‘wooden’ or unnatural either. Your position should present a strong, confident and positive posture but also with warmth and feeling so you come across as approachable.

Frequently review and if needed update your professional headshot

With the digital world we live in our lives can change quickly. Transitioning to a new job may alter your “brand” or story. You may receive a promotion, your physical appearance is different, etc. That is why it is important to keep your professional business headshot as current as possible. Prospective clients, fellow employees, and active partners like to be able to put a face with whom they are interacting. Having a current corporate headshot keeps you ever present and familiar whether you are interacting online or in person.

Choose Anne Lord for your photography needs today!

For high-quality business headshots through an experienced photographer who can capture the best sides of you, contact Anne Lord at 703-994-7938 or by email at for more information.