stephanie and dan wedding

Stephanie and Dan’s Wedding

Stephanie and Dan were married at St. John Neumann Church, Reston on Saturday, April 26 with the wedding reception at the Marriott Dulles Airport Hotel.  Another wonderful wedding with a different twist.

Stephanie and Dan love playing games and this became the theme of the wedding.  Stephanie’s parents, Ken and Kathy Smith did an outstanding job incorporating the theme throughout the wedding day and topped it all with an amazing slideshow which was presented at the reception.  So many new and exciting details – some of which are shown in the images in this blog.  Stephanie’s brother Jeff produced  and laser cut the cake topper and “Mr and Mrs” signs.  As Kathy said – they embraced the theme and felt it is “just an expression of the fun couple Stephanie and Dan are and their love of lie and each other”.

Brian Lusby was my valuable second shooter at this wedding.

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