Family Portraits – More Than Just Pictures

Pictures share our stories and as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

At the end of it all, what we have created and leave behind matters. Family photos are one of the most cherished treasures we can possess. They can stand in as reminders of good times and bad when our memory fades. They can connect us to those who came before us and help connect us to those who will come after.

With a focus on relationships and connections, Anne Lord, an experienced family and wedding photographer in Leesburg, Virginia, creates images that remind you of how sweet each season of life is; as well as a few reasons why to invest in family portraits.

  1. Time passes whether you document it or not

Families grow and change for reasons such as marriage, birth, loved ones passing, and others moving far away. The days when family all stayed within a few miles of each other are gone. Take advantage of the time you have together by creating a sweet reminder of life lived together with a professional photographer. Every moment that you have together as a family is priceless, so don’t forget to capture these memories with a photo.

  1. Your relationship with your family is captured forever

A great family photographer can capture the whole story of your family, and that includes you! We have all said it in one form or another, “just get the kids, I don’t need to be in them.” Sometimes family life is messy and chaotic, and it is easier to be the one behind the camera. However, with a professional photographer, you get an amazing gift of being in images of real moments interacting with your family.

  1. High quality photos to last a lifetime

While at the time you might not care about the photos of you, your family will be overjoyed to have pictures of you to remember you by. During family celebrations, whether you have gathered for the holidays or to celebrate a growing family, old photo albums tend to come out. A professional photographer will have the training, equipment, and experience to produce gallery quality portraits. With an experienced family photographer in Leesburg, such as Anne Lord, you can expect images with great lighting, details, and softness that a point-and-shoot camera or smartphone cannot. By using an experienced photographer for your family portraits, you can get finely tuned, high end, striking images that display you and your family’s personality and bond.

Anne Lord Photography for a fun family portrait session

You will always want to take your own photos of your family and friends in the moment, but for the purpose of creating important keepsakes, only a professional family photographer can bring you the quality you desire.

I am scheduling portrait sessions now for holiday cards. To learn more about your family’s photography options, please contact me at or 703-435-5292.