Local Wedding Photography Trends: Ideas for Your Special Day

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With the engagement ring safe and secure around your finger and your eyes set on getting married this year, you might already be composing that long checklist for your dream wedding. One of these items must be looking into local wedding photography studios—one of the capital sins in wedding planning is hiring the wrong people to document and forever crystallize your most special day.

In choosing the right photographer, however, it does not hurt to acquaint yourself with the hottest trends in local wedding photography this 2018. Equipped with knowledge and inspiration, you can guide your photographer in how you want your wedding photographs to look like and consist of.

Plan your Wedding Photography with these 2018 Trends in Mind

For a budding bride and groom, their local wedding photography is more than just documentation. It doesn’t just involve clicking for photos of the event, compiling a photo album or a video, then filing it away. It is an art that requires an artist’s touch and a flavor unique to the couple.

Here some of the trending local wedding photography gimmicks this year that will help you add flair and character to your wedding books.

  1. Engagement Shots

    If you’re a groom-to-be about to pop the Question, you may consider booking a photographer as early as the engagement. This moment is worth remembering and documenting, as it is the beginning of a new chapter in your journey.

  2. Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

    This is becoming more and more popular nowadays. More and more brides opt to model and rock their wedding gowns and wedding wardrobes in a separate photo shoot, preferably with fairy lights, flowers, and artistic lighting. Because local wedding photography must also capture community, even bridesmaids, best men, and other members of the entourage can be included on the photo shoot, too.

  3. Creative Shots

    With the right local photography studio, you can set up creative studio lights in your wedding hall for a moody and artistic effect in your photos. As a photographer who’s been in the business for more than 16 years now, I am equipped with the creative experience, equipment, and flair to execute unique, creative, and beautiful wedding photographs. Your albums are guaranteed to reflect the mood of your special day.

  4. Documentary-Style Photos

    Make your photos as authentic as possible by capturing the belly-aching laughter, tears of joy, awkward dance moves, and other moments that comprise your wedding. Documentary photography during weddings does not mean black-and-white photographs. It promises candid, genuine, and action-oriented local wedding photography that will surely take you back to your wedding day in the years to come.

  5. Photos with Pets

    Of course, your furry and cuddly friends must not be left forgotten on your special day and wedding album. From pets being included in bridal and couples’ wedding portraits, to pets walking down the aisle, local wedding photography is seeing more and more of pets’ involvement in weddings. As a wedding photographer, I don’t just shoot weddings and pets; I can also produce artistic photos of your pets in your weddings.

These are just a few of the rising trends in wedding photography that an excellent local wedding photography studio can help you realize. There are a lot more out there. How much you adhere to these trends does not matter as long you get the best wedding photographs you can cherish for years to come.

Are you ready to plan for your special day? Send me an email or call, and let’s talk about your ideas for those perfect wedding shots.