3 Tips on Working with a Professional Corporate Photographer

Professional Corporate Photographer
As a corporate photographer for over 16 years, I am passionate about taking beautiful corporate images that reflect an organization’s brand.

I strive to take care of everything – from a fully-equipped professional studio to advice on logistics, location, and more – to make sure that our shoot is as stress-free and pleasant as possible for your team.

Secrets to Getting the Perfect Corporate Shot

Experience has taught me that communication is key to successful corporate photography session. I value the input of my clients regarding the direction they want to take for their corporate photos.

Allow me to share with you some pointers that help in determining the look and feel you want for your corporate photos.

  • Write a Creative Brief

What are your objectives for taking photos? What are you trying to communicate to your audience? Having a clear creative vision is not only helpful for your corporate photographer, but more importantly for your team.

Not everyone is comfortable with being photographed, and that’s understandable. Knowing the goal of the photo shoot, however, can help your individual members feel more confident and prepared for their photo session.

  • Define the Specific Purpose of the Photos

Do you plan to display the images in your corporate office? Perhaps you’d like to use them for a trade show, a printed brochure, or throughout your social media accounts.

Photos for print use and digital use require different techniques, cameras, and lighting. The approach for the photo shoot will depend on what is intended for the final product. You may want to change clothing or locations to accommodate each type of described usage.

Understanding the purpose of your corporate photos will help you plan the logistics of the photo shoot. Once everything is organized on your end, you can focus on letting go and having fun conveying the unique personality and character of your company.

  • Create a Mood Board

In my work as a Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer, I love seeing and knowing how my clients imagine their final photos to be. A quick and easy way to do this is by using a mood board.

A mood board is a collection of sample images and phrases that represent the look that you would like for your own corporate photos. It can be as simple as collecting images online, such as from stock photography sites, and putting them together in a basic document.

During consultation we can discuss your mood board and any images you have gathered as examples. I’d like to hear what drew you to each one and how you envision your own photos. As your corporate photographer, I want you to feel prepared so you can enjoy the photo session.

Make it a Team Effort with Your Corporate Photographer!

As one of Leesburg, Virginia’s preferred local wedding photographers and corporate photographers, I am passionate about taking photos that showcase the best elements of the people and moments I capture.

Let me help you communicate the trustworthiness, ideals, and character of your organization through expert corporate photography. Please send me an e-mail or a call and let’s discuss your corporate photography needs!