Your Local Corporate Photographer in DC Shares Business Portrait Advice

As a veteran corporate photographer in DC, I understand that having your business portrait taken can be an intimidating prospect especially if this is your first time.

Your business portrait should be the perfect balance between professional and approachable, and it should show your clients that they can trust you with their business. Let me assure you – there’s nothing to worry about when you’re prepared for what’s to come.

Your Questions about Corporate Portraits, Answered

To help you calm those pre-shoot jitters, following are answers to questions you may want to ask when hiring a corporate photographer in Washington, DC:

  • What’s the best location for my business portrait?

Well, it depends a lot on the image you want to convey. For instance, would you like to look powerful and serious, or friendly and casual? Is there a target audience you’re trying to appeal to?

A corner office overlooking DC might be an excellent choice for an executive, while a park-like setting outdoors can be a wonderful backdrop for a travel blogger. I excel in both in-studio and location portraits, so let me know what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen.

  • What should I wear during our photoshoot?

You’ll probably be using your business portraits for years to come, so wear something that looks fresh and professional in any context. Some great ideas are:

  • Suit jackets
  • Sweaters
  • Dress shirts
  • Tailored jackets
  • Blouses
  • Long sleeves

In terms of color, solid colors and mid-tones such as blue, green, and brown look good on most people. Additionally, try to avoid shades that are similar to your flesh tone. Distracting accessories and patterns should generally be avoided as well because we want the focus to be on you, not what you’re wearing.

Most importantly, I encourage you to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in because it will shine through in your portrait.

If you’re not sure if what you plan to wear is going to work, feel free to send me a photo so I can weigh in and offer suggestions if needed.

  • I don’t feel photogenic. Any tips to look my best?

On the day itself, you can trust me to capture your best side. That said, it may help if you spend some time in front of the mirror before the photoshoot. Try different ways of smiling and see what you like in your facial expression. If you have long hair determine if you like an updo or styled down. Strike different poses. Do you feel you look amazing from certain angles? Tell me, and we’ll try to emphasize it in your corporate portrait.

Anne Lord: Creating Professional First Impressions that Last

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