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Last-Minute Preparation Tips for Creative Wedding Photography: What Your Photographer Should Know

As your wedding photographer, I have one goal— to create a beautiful memorial to your celebration of love through images. While a big part of creative wedding photography is capturing the fun, emotional, and spontaneous moments on the day itself, preparation really helps make those amazing shots happen.

5 Things to Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Having photographed over 400 weddings throughout my career, I’ve learned that communication is essential to getting the shots you want. If you have some extra time, I’d appreciate knowing these details before the wedding:

  • Are there any special considerations I should know?
    Does anyone in your wedding party have mobility issues? I could look for an equally beautiful but more accessible location for someone with a wheelchair. Does anybody have allergies (such as to flowers)? I’ll plan ahead to fit in garden shots while minimizing their exposure. Is there anybody who is averse to flash lighting?

    I’d be more than happy to accommodate these special considerations, and knowing in advance will help me forge calculated decisions to make things easier and more convenient for everyone.

  • Are you planning some surprises at the wedding?
    Planned surprises like a fireworks display or a foxtrot routine down the aisle add so much flavor to weddings, and I want to make sure I capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments.

    Of course, I’ll be documenting as much as I can on your wedding day, but knowing about elements like this will help me snag the best possible position behind the scenes.

  • Are there specific shots you want or don’t want?
    This is your day, so don’t be shy! Want to take an unusual pose? Is there a particular spot in the venue you want me to focus on? I want you to be absolutely satisfied with the final images, and that includes trying my best to make your special requests come true.

    If there are some shots you don’t want, please let your local wedding photographers know as well. Perhaps your groom is conscious about how he looks from a particular angle. Maybe you don’t want too many photos of the after-party. I’ll make sure to keep these in mind during the event.

  • Did you DIY anything for the wedding?
    Did you make the wedding favors yourself? Are those gorgeous seating cards your handiwork? Do the flowers in your bouquet or the jewelry you’re wearing hold special meaning? If so, feel free to ask me to pay them a bit more attention.
  • What‘s your timetable for the wedding?
    Share your wedding day schedule with your wedding photographer as soon as you can. This will allow us to maximize the day, and if necessary, build in some time for formal shots, quiet couple photos, and other things you’d like me to cover.

The Leesburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer You Can Trust

Having an open line of communication between couples and their photographer can make a world of difference when it comes to wedding photography.

Here’s a glimpse of my Wedding Photography Portfolio to give a look at the kind of memories you can look forward to. Once you’re ready, please give me a call at (703) 435-5292 and let’s discuss how you imagine your wedding photos to be.