How Corporate Photography Can Help Stimulate Your Business During Corona Virus

With the rise of COVID-19, it may not seem the highest priority to have corporate headshots or corporate environmental portraits taken. However, it is important to show the faces of your company’s team pulling together and the operations floor still vibrant and active, to inspire faith in your partners, clients, and any potential clients.

Corporate photography can help propel your company forward by showing the human side of your business and help to establish a connection with potential clients during these changing times. If your business is still open or opening back up soon, having some new photos to showcase your business can help bring your company back to the forefront. This makes a corporate photographer in Washington, D.C. a crucial part of helping you connect with your clients. Having a professional who can work within the safety protocols—such as social distancing, can make your team feel comfortable and natural in their headshots.

Images to reflect the message of your company

As a corporate photographer, I strive to capture the spirit of a company so as to connect with your target audience. Efficient and professional, friendly and laid back, or energetic, are the types of messages that I can convey with a single image. It is what people seeing – the human connection. This is especially important now as we are being asked to limit our interaction with one another. When COVID is under control, businesses will want to hit the ground running. As an experienced corporate photographer in the D.C. area, I have the professional equipment, understanding, and safety precautions to help streamline your photography goals once the time is right.

Showcasing efficiency

A great way to have potential partners and clients relate to your company is by showcasing images of your team at work around the office, at corporate events, meetings, and conferences – even if they are now done online through Zoom. Also, by adding corporate headshots to your online presence potential partners or clients can put faces to the people they are interacting with by phone or email. This can bring a more personal touch to your company’s image and help to bring in more business.

Sharing a purpose

As a Leesburg, Virginia corporate photographer, I take pride in sharing your company’s goals and providing images that can be valuable assets to the company. My desire is to help empower your brand by producing complimentary and appropriate images of CEOs, partners, board members, and everyone involved with the team. I want to help stimulate growth in your company!

Anne Lord: Your Corporate Photographer in Leesburg, Virginia

If you would like high quality corporate photographs to make your company stand out, you can get a feel for what I have to offer by browsing through my Corporate Photography Portfolio. When you are ready to move forward, let us start a discussion of what you have in mind — call me at (703) 435-5292. In the meantime, stay healthy and play it safe.