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Has your pet ever been professionally photographed?

If you are a pet owner, then you most likely are an animal lover. Our pets enrich our lives with their wagging tails and fun personalities. Just like we want to have professional pictures of the loved ones in our lives, whether a family portrait or a wedding, having professional portraits done of your beloved pets will be a memory you can keep forever. Experienced Leesburg, Virginia wedding photographer, Anne Lord, loves to capture images of pets and their special personalities.

A professional touch

Most people take photos, but don’t think or have the skills to print images from phones, or even digital cameras. The results are sometimes iffy, too. A professional pet photographer on the other hand will ensure that you get amazing photographs of your favorite furry friend that showcases their personality and has them looking their best.  With the technique and creativity that Anne Lord brings to engagement and wedding events, you will be sure to get the very best images of your pet that you can hang with pride among the rest of your family portraits.

Get creative

As with a family portrait, you can get creative and have fun with your animal’s photography session. Decide what kind of images you want: Do you want casual outdoor photos? Would you like studio photos that will sit nicely with the kids’ school photos? Do you need show photos of your pet for their portfolio? Or how about some fun action shots of your pet playing games or interacting with your family? Anne Lord, a local Leesburg, Virginia photographer, is an avid pet lover and has years of experience producing the best images of her furry clients. If you are not sure you’d like your pet to look in the photos, don’t worry, Anne’s artistic vision will produce images and memories of your pet that will last a lifetime.

Don’t wait until it is too late

The sad fact of life is that we usually outlive our pets. When your pet is no longer with you, having professional photographs of your loved one brings comfort during the grieving process. No matter the age of your pet right now, if you have not tried professional pet photography, now is the perfect time to start. You may also want to consider a portrait of you and/or the rest of your family in the pet portrait. Having a professional picture that captures your special bond and relationship with your pet is a keepsake you will never regret having captured with a camera.

Anne Lord Photography, fun pet portrait sessions

Anne Lord enjoys photographing pets and capturing their unique personalities. Outdoor sessions in the Leesburg, Virginia area are ideal right now. Consider a pet portrait for holiday greeting cards and gift giving. To learn more about pet photography with Anne, please contact me at anne@annelordphotography.com or 703-435-5292.