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Outdoor Holiday Family Portraits

Schools are in session again and Halloween is around the corner. Before you know it the November and December holiday season will be upon us! This inevitably means several family gatherings and opportunities to celebrate with loved ones. Whether you send out holiday cards with a collage of family pictures (including your family pets!) or a single portrait of your family, holiday cards are a lovely way to visually share the latest in our lives.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A picture can tell a story, and by having a professional photographer take your family portraits, your story can be told in a way that your smart phone just cannot capture. A professional family portrait photographer, like Anne Lord in Leesburg Virginia, can help you slow down and truly enjoy being in the presence of the ones you hold most dear. When you look back on these photos years from now, they will stir emotions inside you that make you feel like it was just yesterday!

Gathering family members together is what makes the holidays so enjoyable. It may not be every day you get to see each other, so make lasting memories while in the moment!

When you have a family portrait taken you will be able to look at that portrait and remember the time spent together. The memory of catching up together, who is in school and what they are studying, a new job opportunity, or even an announcement of your family growing—either an engagement or a pregnancy! Anne Lord has the experience and technique to capture your family moments. A long-time portrait, pet and wedding photographer for the Northern Virginia and surrounding communities, Anne loves bringing families together to make lasting memories through her photographs.

Prepare for the upcoming holiday season by gathering your family around for a casual outdoor photo shoot, and don’t forget to smile!

Anne Lord Photography for a fun family portrait session

For holidays, special events, or for creating important keepsakes, only a professional family photographer can bring you the quality you desire. I am scheduling outdoor portrait sessions now for holiday cards. To learn more about your family’s photography options, please contact me at anne@annelordphotography.com, 703-435-5292, or cell phone 703-994-7938.

5 Reasons Why Fall Is a Lovely Time of Year for Family Portraits

The crisp air, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, and of course the pumpkin spice latte! It’s fall! The wonderful time of year for bonfires, wearing your favorite sweaters, and getting your family together for a family portrait.

Here are a five great reasons from your Leesburg, Virginia photographer, Anne Lord, on why fall is the perfect time for a family portrait session.

1) Cooler weather and autumn color

Goodbye summer heat and humidity! Standing in front of a camera is instantly more enjoyable when you are not sweaty. It also means not worrying about your makeup, if your eyes are squinting, or if the older members of the family have been out in the heat for too long.

With the cooler weather comes the changing of the leaves. This instantly brings beautiful color and texture to any photo. There are also natural fun props for the whole family. Whether capturing an image of young children, the family pet, or the whole family playing in the leaves, the natural beauty of the outdoors contributes to beautiful images of the family having fun together.

2) Colder weather clothing options can make your portrait pop

You may have heard the line “eyes go where the skin shows.” The option to wear long sleeves and darker pants in the fall can go a long way in making sure your family’s faces are the center of attention in your family portraits. Wearing colors that all go together can help your family look unified and reduce the distraction.

Also, when deciding on what you and your family will wear, imagine where in your home you are planning to display your family portrait. Wherever you envision your portraits being, think about what colors would go well in that space. Generally speaking, the use of neutral clothing colors works great in a wide variety of places and throughout a range of different decor styles.

3) Perfect weather to add your family pet to the photo shoot

As an avid pet lover, family and pet photographer Anne Lord enjoys photographing pets and capturing their unique personalities and special relationships with their family. Most four-legged family members love the fall as much as we do, if not more. It is a wonderful time of year to participate in action photos with your pet, whether chasing a frisbee, jumping in a pile of leaves, or playing fetch!

4) Fall lighting

One of the most important things for a great family photo is the lighting. In the summer, the sun is extremely high in the sky and can be harsh for daytime photos. During the fall, the sun starts getting lower in the sky, making for better lighting in the afternoons. In the fall, there is more of a warm glow that shows even brighter when you have your loved ones around you.

5) Just in time for the holidays

Family vacations, swim lessons, kids’ games, and summer camp are activities that keep people busy throughout the summer months. With school in session again, there is more opportunity to keep everyone in town and schedule a family photo session. With more room in your schedule, and less stress planning around all your family’s activities, a more relaxed and fun environment will bring out those special smiles and moments with your family. You may want to schedule an appointment to have an updated family portrait taken for greeting cards and holiday gift-giving.

Anne Lord: Your Family and Pet Photographer in Leesburg, Virginia

If you would like high quality family portraits, you can get a feel for what Anne has to offer by browsing through her Family and Pet photography portfolio. For any questions or to schedule an appointment contact Anne via email, or by calling (703) 435-5292.