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Capturing Your ‘Brand’ With a Professional Headshot

Typically, when people talk about business or corporate headshots, it would seem the purpose of that professional headshot is to convey professionalism. However, there is more to the message of a headshot photo. With the help of experienced Leesburg, Virginia corporate photographer, Anne Lord, professionalism is one aspect she will be able to bring out in your professional headshots. Keep reading for 3 ways your professional business headshot can speak volumes for you!

Just like a business, a headshot can be your “brand”

Are you the CEO of your company? Then you will probably want your headshot to show your “brand” of authority and trustworthiness. If you are within human resources in a company, or looking to find a job in that field, capturing headshots that convey your approachability and friendliness can go a long way in speaking for you. Let Anne’s vast knowledge of the best photography techniques put you at ease so she can capture your message.

Attention to details makes a difference

Whether you are having new professional business headshots taken for your current company, or for use in finding a new job, or as a profile picture for your LinkedIn account, you will want important details considered. From your hair to your feet and everywhere in between you want your position to be spot on. However, you don’t want to look ‘wooden’ or unnatural either. Your position should present a strong, confident and positive posture but also with warmth and feeling so you come across as approachable.

Frequently review and if needed update your professional headshot

With the digital world we live in our lives can change quickly. Transitioning to a new job may alter your “brand” or story. You may receive a promotion, your physical appearance is different, etc. That is why it is important to keep your professional business headshot as current as possible. Prospective clients, fellow employees, and active partners like to be able to put a face with whom they are interacting. Having a current corporate headshot keeps you ever present and familiar whether you are interacting online or in person.

Choose Anne Lord for your photography needs today!

For high-quality business headshots through an experienced photographer who can capture the best sides of you, contact Anne Lord at 703-994-7938 or by email at anne@annelordphotography.com for more information.

6 Reasons to Update Your Professional Headshot

When it comes to making first impressions in our professional lives, there are many benefits to presenting yourself in a polished, positive way. Whether it is for LinkedIn or your company’s “About Us” page online, professional headshots are not just reserved for the entertainment industry. 

With many years of experience in professional headshot photography, Anne Lord, knows how to pose subjects to get the best angles that communicate the character and individual personality of each person involved, thus creating a great headshot for first impressions. 

As a long-time corporate photographer in and around the Washington D.C. area, Anne knows the best techniques to create lasting images that leave her clients satisfied and gives 6 reasons why you need a professional headshot. 

1) Demonstrates Professionalism

A quality headshot demonstrates your professionalism. Let’s be honest, a photo can speak volumes. A great photo of you can really convey your professionalism to potential employers and clients alike. This can show them you mean business!

2) Gives Insight

A quality headshot gives people an idea of who you are before they meet you. Other key players in your industry can learn a lot about you just from your professional headshot. Your images can show your personality while also demonstrating to those who see it that you are serious about what you do.

3) Keep It Current

A quality headshot is great, but it is better if it is current so that people can see what you look like. Keeping your professional business headshot up to date is important for when you do have business meetings. Especially in this time of working remotely, it really helps team members and potential clients to already know who they will be meeting or speaking with.

4) Helps Networking

Quality headshots can help with networking. Your headshot has the power to jog the memory of contacts met in passing and can help you more readily secure opportunities. Help them put a face with the name with a standout professional headshot.

5) Be The Standout

Be the standout in a pool of candidates with a headshot that demonstrates your personality and professionalism. Having a superior headshot can be the difference that makes you pop among other candidates on sites like LinkedIn. It is just one step further you can go to wow people. You take time to keep your resume, cover letter, and portfolio updated. So why not top it off with a fantastic headshot?

6) Showcase You! 

You can showcase your unique personality with headshots that are just the right amount of quirky. Your headshot doesn’t have to be super buttoned up. Depending on that industry you work in, or what the application of these images are being used for, you might be able to go for a more relaxed vibe for your headshots. These professional headshots represent an opportunity for you to inject a little life and fun into your professional profiles and/or team page of your company. Sometimes adding a little bit more of lifestyle photography can humanize you and your business by showing clients how personable you can be. It is a great way to showcase you (and your team)!

Choose Anne Lord to showcase your professionalism today!

If you would like high quality corporate headshots that will make you or your company stand out, browse through Anne’s Corporate Photography Portfolio. When you are ready to discuss what you have in mind, please call (703) 435-5292 or send an email to anne@annelordphotography.com.