4 Reasons A Pet’s Portrait Can Warm Your Heart This Winter

Man has wanted to capture a portrait of their furry best friend since the time of cave drawings. Today we have state-of-the-art cameras and imaging software. There are many ways to bring a photograph or image to life. Custom pet portraits are a sentimental possession that will outlive both your pets and humans. Make a memory this winter that will last a lifetime. 

1) Pets are a part of your family

First, and most importantly, pets are not just some furry animals. These creatures live with you, love you and trust you. They give you all their energy and share their special and quirky personality. They provide your family with so much joy and unconditional love that is unparalleled. Just like you enjoy going through old pictures of your family, giving them gifts, making them feel special,  a pet portrait can capture those everlasting memories.

2) Capture memories of your pet forever

As mentioned earlier, pet portraits can be a means of making memories with your pets. With experienced pet photographer Anne Lord, even the process of taking a portrait of  your furry friend—outside or in studio—is fun! Anne is able to highlight your pet’s personality as well as showcasing the relation between you both in images that you can carry with you forever.

3) Customize your house with a pet portrait

Liven up your home with custom pet photography and add a personalized touch to your house. Every family has a portrait of their family hanging up in a place of honor, so why not add a portrait of man’s best friend as well? Perhaps have a beautiful portrait of your furry family member from each year lining your hallway, or a black and white portrait on your mantle, the creative options are endless. Allow the perfect pet portrait to reflect your special friend’s love and the joy they bring you each day.

4) Give the gift of pet portraits

‘Tis the season of gifts. With New Year’s Day and Valentine’s day just around the corner, what better way to spread cheer than by giving the gift of a special portrait of a loved one’s pet? There are so many options now to have a portrait printed on—a key chain, a digital frame that showcases all the images of a pet, a mug, a collage throw blanket. Another option is the gift of a pet photo session given to loved ones and friends.

Choose Anne Lord For Your Pet Photography Needs Today! 

All in all, pet portraits can prove to be a worthy and wonderful gift and addition to your decor. Leesburg, Virginia pet photographer Anne Lord enjoys capturing people with their pets as well as getting a pets’ unique personality to come through her images. Please contact Anne at anne@annelordphotography.com or 703-435-5292.