For over 16 years in the professional wedding photography business, I have been blessed to cover over 400 weddings in Northern Virginia, Loudoun County, and surrounding communities. Photography is my passion. I am still moved by every wedding I photograph and I love it!

  • Living My Passion
    Since 2002, I have been living my passion for photography. I love people, occasions, pets and the creative opportunities that professional wedding photography provides.
  • Enjoying the Experience
    Wedding photography constantly challenges me to improve my product and to explore the limits of my talent and knowledge in executing creative wedding photography. I enjoy all aspects of a wedding and I make sure I have everything covered including all special family groups and all of the special requests of the happy couple.
  • Telling a Story
    I love the idea of telling a story as the day unfolds, the romance, the elegance, and capturing the joy and emotion of the people and the occasion. I like to feel that anyone viewing the images after a wedding almost feels as though they were actually there and a part of the day. I always work with a second photographer, and our goal is to capture every detail and moment as unobtrusively as possible.


As an advocate of creative wedding photography in line with the couple’s photographic style, I understand that the whole occasion itself entails careful planning and commitment to give the bride and the groom the perfect wedding photograph they deserve. I blend creativity, professionalism, and my personality in every wedding that I photograph. I strive to capture the love and passion shared by the couple in candid moments, often unknown by them until they see the full portfolio of the final images which is always within two weeks and usually on line in less than a week.


My goal is to create beautiful images that reflect the mood, the occasion, the emotions, and the personalities of the people in the wedding. Along with posed formal or group shots we make sure we capture many other candid moments unobtrusively from different angles giving a variety of perspectives on the particular activities that are taking place. The details are also important along with any special moments or events which I make sure I am aware of ahead of time.

If you are currently looking for a wedding photographer for your special day, please call or email me and we can discuss the logistics of your day in detail with special attention to the beautiful images we will create and how we will make the best use of our time during the wedding.