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Northern Virginia Wedding Photography

Capture your wedding day with professional photography from Leesburg, VA photographer Anne Lord. As a leading Northern Virginia wedding photographer, Anne Lord and her team will immortalize your special wedding day!


Happily Married Couple's Wedding Photography in NOVA

As an experienced photographer, Anne knows what her clients expect from their wedding pictures. She will use her expertise to capture your perfect wedding day. If you need an affordable professional Northern Virginia wedding photographer here’s what Anne Lord and her team can do for you.


How Many Pictures Can You Expect?

We don’t count the number of pictures we take. Instead, we simply focus on capturing photos of each part of the wedding, from start to finish. Our photography tells the complete story of the day by capturing the wedding preparations, the reception events, the guest arrivals, and the wedding ceremony itself.

On average, though, we usually take around 150 pictures per hour of shooting. We may take more photos if you have a lot of guests or if you have a large venue. All images are then edited for exposure, color and sharpness to provide you with the best quality pictures you deserve.

Of course, if you want us to take a specific set of photos, we can do that as well. Just tell us which people and situations you want us to take pictures of, and we will do our best to follow your instructions to the letter.


As a leading wedding photographer in Northern Virginia, Anne Lord perfectly captures your wedding day.

As a leading wedding photographer in Northern Virginia, Anne Lord perfectly captures your wedding day.

When Do You Get Your Pictures?

Anne Lord and her team offers fast turn-around times. You will be given an online gallery available to view only a week or so after your wedding. As for the wedding album itself, we will finish it in only a few months.


What About Family Photos?

We will help you prepare your family checklist list. Most family photo sessions usually take about 45 minutes to finish, depending on the size of the family and the necessary preparations that are made beforehand. The same holds true for friends and other guests.


Why Hire Anne to Capture Your Wedding Day?

The thing that separates a great wedding photographer from a mediocre one is the ability to capture every single important moment and emotion in a wedding. From those simple moments during the preparation to the big event at the altar, immortalizing your wedding day requires patience, precision and careful attention, and that is precisely what Anne Lord and her team can offer you.

We take amazing pictures of any situation or location, and give them beautiful and dream-like qualities. Moreover, we also take pictures of any person or object from the most flattering angles possible. We even take pictures of your wedding gifts, wedding decors, wedding cake, wedding limo, and everything else you want pictures of. Just tell us what you want and we’ll capture the best shot of it.

Finally, Anne Lord and her team work fast in order to keep up with wedding events to make sure that each event and each special situation has a photo. To do this, we consult you about which type of events, guests and objects you want us to prioritize, and then we methodically do our work to take pictures of every phase and feature of your wedding!


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